The Day of the Triffids


Steve Sekely
Allied Artists

And I really got hot
When I saw Janette Scott
Fight a triffid that spits poison and kills. . .

Meteor shower blinds most of Earth's population, and if that isn't bad enough there are mobile, acid-spitting plants out to eat the few sighted survivors.

Great concept and some decent performances are both badly let down by some wretchedly flaccid direction which makes the whole production lack any sense of urgency or suspense. The absurdly happy ending is an affront to John Wyndham's source novel, but that's hardly surprisingly given Wyndham's generally poor treatment by cinema.

That all being said, there are some quite memorable bits here, but the ones that really hit home are the horrors of being trapped blind and helpless on a moving airplane or train, and not the killer plants, whiich are frankly silly-looking. Probably the most important aspect of this film is the image of people shambling aimlessly around a deserted metropolis, and survivors besiged by a horde of menacing creatures; both obviously the basic template for the zombie genre we know today. One does wish that Sekely did tell his 'blinded' extras that blind does not mean standing around in a daze as if you couldn't remember where you left your wallet, though.

Note: Victor Brooks is prominently credited, but he can only be briefly seen as the main convict in the French manor house, without any lines surviving, if he originally had any at all.

-Dave W.

12th May 1962

93 mins

27th April 1963

93 mins

Howard Keel
Bill Masen
Nicole Maurey
Christine Durrant
Janette Scott
Karen Goodwin
Kieron Moore
Tom Goodwin
Mervyn Johns
Mr. Coker
Ewan Roberts
Dr. Soames
Alison Leggatt
Miss Coker
Geoffrey Matthews
Luis de la Vega
Janina Faye
Gilgi Hauser
Teresa de la Vega
John Tate
Captain, SS Midland
Carole Ann Ford
(as Carol Ann Ford)
Arthur Gross
Flight 356 Pilot
(incorrectly listed in IMDb as Radioman)
Colette Wilde
Nurse Jamieson
(as Collette Wilde)
Ian Wilson
Kew Gardens Watchman
Victor Brooks
Peter Dyneley
Narrator / French Radio Voice
Unknown Male 52
Blind Man in Street
Sidney Vivian
Ticket Agent
George Hilsdon
Man in Train Station
Man Asking for Help at Train Station
Woman Asking for Help at Train Station
Train Passenger Looking for Son
Dave's Unknown Male 23
Train Passenger
Chris Adcock
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Gerry Judge
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Ernie Rice
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Joe Wadham
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Fred Wood
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Thomas Gallagher
Burly Man
Radioman, SS Midland
Steward, SS Midland
Ernest Blyth
SS Midland Passenger
Muriel Greenslade
SS Midland Passenger
Edith Pavitt
SS Midland Passenger
Unknown Male 150
SS Midland Passenger
Myo Toon
Japanese Broadcaster
Flight 356 Radio Operator
Flight 356 Engineer
Flight 356 Co-Pilot
Flight 356 Stewardess
Flight 356 Stewardess #2
Boy on Flight 356
Esme Smythe
Panicky Blonde on Flight 356
Michael Bishop
Flight 356 Pilot
Mick Dillon
Triffid (uncredited)
Katya Douglas
Mary (uncredited)
Gary Hope
Flight 356 Pilot
John Simpson
Blind Man
Nosher Powell
Stunts (uncredited)
Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament

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